One-week cruise between Argentario, Giglio and Giannutri

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Seen from the sea the promontory of Argentario seems to be an island, being connected to the inland by two thin strips of ground. Notable the villages of Porto Ercole and Santo Stefano, as well as the village of Talamone, located a few miles further north. The Giannutri island worth a trek to discover the place of the lighthouse at the southern end, where you can admire the Grottoni and a visit to the ancient Roman villa from which to enjoy beautiful sunsets over the sea. At the island of Giglio, if you can not find place in the harbor, with winds third and fourth quadrant you can anchor just north of the port itself, to Cala del Lazzaretto, or immediately to the south, at Cala delle Cannelle. With southerly winds on the other side of the island there is the gulf of Campese, perfectly sheltered.

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The Commander suggests:

  • Giannutri:with steady winds from SE you can moor inside the ancient Roman port of Cala Maestra, giving ropes to the ground and swim in a beautiful natural pool
  • Giglio Island:visita of Giglio Castello and return to Giglio porto along the footpath
  • Argentario:on the route forward in calm sea conditions, stop to the Ants of Grosseto.
  • At return stop to Cala di Forno, on the natural park of Uccellina, where deer and roe deer calmly walks on the beach

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