Our sailboat fleet for rent is composed by monohulls from 32 to 50 feet long

 Length: 15,57 mt
 Persons: 10
 Cabins: 5


 Length: 14,64 mt
 Persons: 8+2
 Cabins: 4


 Length: 13,03 mt
 Persons: 8+2
 Cabins: 4

"Blu Byte"

 Length: 13,39 mt
 Persons: 6+2
 Cabins: 3


 Length: 11,409 mt
 Persons: 6
 Cabins: 3

 Length: 10,30 mt
 Persons: 4
 Cabins: 2

Useful information and news


New sanitization procedures

Of all the disinfectants in the world, ozone is the best for eliminating germs and bacteria. Its very high oxidizing power makes it an effective sanitizer and deodorant, stronger even than traditional chemical detergents. It is 100% natural, ecological and economic. Thanks to its properties, ozone sanitizes, oxygenates and regenerates the air we breathe and disinfects the water we use. Eliminates over 99.00% of bacteria, molds, fungi, yeasts, pollens and mites and inactivates viruses. It is a powerful ally in the fight against allergies, asthma and infections, because it reduces the microbial load present in the air and on surfaces. We sanitize our boats with this technology.

Health crisis

We are constantly monitoring the situation about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and we fully understand the uncertainty caused to our customers about their bookings and holiday plans for the upcoming season.

To relieve, wherever possible, these uncertainties we updated our policies as follows.

Clients who already booked with us, will be able to modify the period of their charter, as long as the departure will remain into 2022.
If the reschedule booking is more expensive the price difference will be charged. Otherwise the price will remain the same.
3. If the client is unable to get to the base due to travel restrictions imposed by Italian Authorities (with official statement that ban the entrance in Italy to the citizens of the country of the client), the charter can be canceled within 15 days before departure and we will give to the client a credit note to be used in 2022-2023.


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